Discovering Cousins Using DNA - Tools and Case Studies for Exploring Your Autosomal DNA Matches
This talk will show you how to explore your matches and use the tools available at the major DNA testing companies: AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and 23andMe. It will focus on practical ways to discover how you are related to your Autosomal DNA Cousins. Case studies using matches at each testing company will illustrate methods you can use to connect with new cousins who can help you grow your family tree. This talk assumes you are considering testing or have tested at one of the three DNA testing companies. See the lecture handout.

Finding the Stories of Your Ancestors - Using Social History to bring your ancestor's history to life
This talk illustrates how to move beyond the traditional sources of just names and dates and use social history to learn what a typical day, or not so typical day, was like in your ancestor's life. What did your ancestors eat or wear, what was their daily life like, why did they do the things they did? Discover where to find a variety of resources that answer these questions and provide rich context to bring your ancestor's history to life. See the lecture handout

Using Pinterest for Genealogy
Are you visually oriented? Pinterest is a great way to display and share your genealogy. This lecture will teach you about Pinterest and how to create boards for families, research locations, an ancestor’s life events, and more. See the lecture handout

Mapping Irish Locations Online
Discover online mapping tools to locate Poor Law Unions, Civil Parishes, Catholic Parishes and Townlands. Learn what Irish records were created in each jurisdiction and how to access them. See the lecture handout.